Pre-assembled high-quality roller cover AQUATOP from T&A.
The slats are available in different versions - PVC, polycarbonate, solar, anti-algae, etc.

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  1. T&A aquatop system

Most of the heat energy is lost at the pool water surface. Covering the pool saves up to 70% energy. An effective pool cover also significantly reduces another cost factor – evaporative loss. Thus, the use of the pool cover is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly (you save water, care products and heating costs).


Slats dimensions 60x14mm
PVC weiss
PVC sand
PVC grau
PVC hellblau
PVC solar
PC solar
PC transparent
PC ALU look
Slats dimensions 67,5x16,5mm
PC solar Antialg
PC ALU look Antialg
PC Black edition Antialg
PC titanium quadro Antialg


Depending on the customer's wishes, the rolling shaft is installed in a shaft (rolling backpack) or in a rolling bench. The rolling bench can be combined with different stairs. The stable bench seat is used as a relaxation zone and enables easy access to the roller shaft (maintenance/service). With the version with a roller backpack, you do not lose any space in the pool and you can use the entire pool. All roll cover positions are securely locked to prevent access by unauthorized persons/children.


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