We are proud of our growing network of international collaborative B2B partners. Our collaborations focus on architects, gardeners and construction companies who share our values and passion for quality and innovative projects. We work with architects to create modern and functional designs that perfectly meet the needs of our clients. We are open to new ideas and work together to find the optimal solution for each unique project. Construction companies are key partners for us in the implementation of our projects. We also work together to create homes that embody modern architecture, functionality and comfort. We also collaborate on larger development projects that bring new possibilities and change to the construction industry.
An example of an unconventional solution in the Bahamas
"Pre-assembly, of all things, plays a very important role for us. Everything is prepared for quick and efficient assembly - everything is pre-assembled, piped and wired. The assembly team does not lose any time on the construction site and everything runs much faster."
Libor Táglicht
  • CENTRALPLAST has been developing, manufacturing and selling custom-made prefabricated polypropylene CENTRAL-POOL® pools for more than 30 years. 
  • Our family business is based on a combination of modern production equipment and traditional craftsmanship, which is why CENTRAL-POOL® is one of the largest European manufacturers of prefabricated PP pools. 
  • Each pool is made to measure based on customer requirements. We are also able to cover the needs of demanding customers. We are free in terms of shape and design, and we often dare to create a pool size that our competitors simply cannot manage. The focus is on an individual customer request and we always follow the motto: "stable, tight and pre-assembled". 
  • Development and our own innovation drive our products far forward - mature welding technology enables us to design the egg components flush with the wall, different designs of the stairs and, last but not least, the tightness of the entire design. Each pool is therefore guaranteed tight and has a modern and attractive pool look. 
  • In short, the prefabricated pools from CENTRAL-POOL® have a modern and attractive look and at the same time an optimal price-performance ratio. And with this combination, our partners score points throughout Europe. 


The implementation that required the transport of the pool by helicopter was located in Prague. At that time we had to face complicated access to the house and especially the garden. You can see how everything turned out in the video.

Since most of our CENTRAL-POOL® pools travel abroad, we often have to deal with terrain that is difficult to access. This was no different in the Swiss Alps, where we were required to use a helicopter to transport the pool. It was a successful and interesting event, check it out for yourself.

Central-pool's development department


In today's rapidly evolving technology and with each customer having unique requirements, it is crucial to have the flexibility and ability to adapt. Our company prides itself on having its own development and design department, which allows us to create completely individual and innovative solutions for each order.


With our own pool transport you can be sure of a fast and reliable delivery of your pool. 

Central-pool truck
Dealing with the client


A professional approach from start to finish is not just a phrase, but a commitment we make to every job. With us, you're not just buying a pool, you're getting a partnership approach that is focused on your comfort and satisfaction. We are here to help you bring your pool dreams to life. 


Our production capacities currently allow us to produce up to 800 pools per year and therefore we are able to meet the high demand not only from the Czech Republic, but especially from abroad, where we have a sophisticated network of more than 80 business partners. CENTRAL-POOL® pools are delivered daily to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. Several of our pools are also making people happy in Spain, Italy and Greece. In 2024 we will be manufacturing pools in the Bahamas. 


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