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To manufacture the swimming pools we use two basic materials of excellent quality . Homogeneous plates with a thickness of 8-20 mm from the manufacturer Röchling Engineering Plastics. This high-performance material Polystone® P-copolymer was developed for the construction of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in different colors, sizes and shapes. Polystone® P-copolymer is unique due to its stability at temperatures down to -30 °C, as well as its high strength, chemical resistance and resistance to corrosion. Construction panels PANELTIM® with a thickness of 50 mm which have a sandwich character. We mainly use these in the production of the self-supporting swimming pools of the STRONG series.

For plastic pools, the quality of weld seams (especially on the floor and in the corners) is particularly important. If these welds are not carried out in accordance with standards, the skeleton can be damaged (broken). This might be extremely uncomfortable, since the swimming pool is concreted in the ground and can only be repaired with a great difficulty. The aesthetics of the weld seams is just as important. When correct technological processes are followed, the corner weld is smooth and there is no risk of settling impurities, which must be removed mechanically on a regular basis. This detail might make the usage and the maintenance of a swimming pool much more difficult in case you buy a skeleton of low quality.

  • 10 years guarantee for waterproof of welds of CENTRAL-POOL swimming pools.

  • 10 years guarantee for waterproof of PVC pipes glued in Centralplast.

  • 2 years guarantee for all other equipment.
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