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With the use of modern technology, tools, and high-quality materials, we can produce first-class swimming pools that we ship across Europe.


Classic Type

Basic class of skimmeres and overflow pools
Skimmer / Skimmer Plus / Overflow smart / Overflow stone

Unique Type

Top quality class of overflow pools
Stone / Stone EVO / Underflow / Exclusive / Infinite

Unique Strong Type

Special class of pools from sandwich panels.
Skimmer Strong / Smart Strong / Stone Strong / Exclusive strong

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Thanks to modern design and top-quality processing, our pools are regularly
located at the forefront of international pool association competitions
in collaboration with architectural magazines.

We manufacture our plastic swimming pools from environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene in thicknesses 8 mm - 20 mm(steps 8 mm) with PGX UV stabiliser against solar radiation. Following a number of unsatisfactory experience with different manufacturers, from 2007 we began to exclusively use materials from the German company Simona – Europe’s number one for quality. In general, thelifetime of a plastic swimming pool is from 25-30 years, which is dependent primarily on the overall level of care for the pool, on the use of chemicals, covering the pool, etc..
Our swimming pools are produced from eco-friendly and harmless polypropylene thicknes from 5 to 51 mm with UV stabilizer.
Conditions of Sale
10 years guarantee for waterproof of welds of CENTRAL-POOL swimming pools. 10 years guarantee for waterproof of PVC pipes glued in Centralplast. 2 years guarantee for all other equipment.

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Swimming pool cover and Aquatop system

  1. Modern alu cover
  2. Aquatop system

Swimming pool roofing is an important component of a swimming pool that performs several essential functions.It provides protection for people and children from falling into the pool, it helps protect the water quality from falling dirt, and it thermoregulates the water.We cooperate with leading Czech manufacturers who guarantee high quality production. Just contact our sales guys, who will help you to choose the right type and provide comprehensive information.

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Another very popular component of a swimming pool is underwater blinds. We guarantee quality by using Belgian company Technics & Application / T & A system. We install the blinds in a shaft or a bench, depending on the customer´s choice. Venetian blinds are made of PVC material with a special coating and come in basic colors..

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Our reward are satisfied clients who prefer quality and modern design

Pools and accessories are shipped to countries in the European Union.
Our sales are handled by our partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.
For Czech customers, we provide complete service which includes the swimming pool, installation, and service throughout the season.

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